ExtremeTCP is a patented technology developed to sustain higher transmission rates over networks.

Digital file Distribution

ExtremeTCP can be installed on web-servers used to deploy digital files of any nature to clients on any device to attain substantially improved download times. No software needs to be installed on the client machines.

Supported on Windows and Linux

ExtremeTCP is a one-way server-to client network performance solution which increases download and transfer speeds up to 10+ times in TCP/IP networks, the performance becomes even more impressive over long distances.

Cloud and SaaS

ExtremeTCP is installed both on the web-servers and via custom installation API on the client device. ExtremeTCP on the client device can be dynamically tuned on or off via the SaaS. Substantial improvements are achieved with both file upload and download.

Peer to Peer

ExtremeTCP is installed on all the peer devices. ExtremeTCP will ensure that all available network bandwidth is fully utilized in order to improve transfer times.

Machine to Machine Communication over WAN

As long as the communicating devices use TCP protocol to transfer files over global networks, the utilized bandwidth between peers stronly depends on the RTT (rount-trip time is the time required for a network packet to travel from a specific source to a specific destination and back) value. Usually the higher RTT means the lower bandwidth and greater the time to transfer the same amount of data. ExtremeTCP utilises all available bandwith between peers, thus significantly improving the performance. In this case, ExtremeTCP needs to be installed on the data sending device or both devices, if data is transmitted by both.

Application Support
Installation and setup

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet.